My art is inspired by nature.  I’ve loved nature since I was a child and am drawn to it more and more now, especially with our changing environment.

My most recent work is of animals and whales.  I think about them a lot and wonder if they are aware of the dangers they now face with the threats to their habitats.  I try to capture how engaging they are, and in most cases, how gentle and innocent they are as they go about their lives.  You can view these animals and other art prints in my little gallery here

I have been working a lot in watercolour, I love its unpredictability when I add water to the pigment on the paper.  Recently I have gone back to working in pastels and some new work is now available for purchase.  The pastels are fragile and have been framed to protect them, plus they are pretty big!

I also love photography and a range of prints are available for you here

catherine dunne irish artist

New Work

This golden hare is very large.  It comes framed, please contact me for the price if you would like to have him in your home.  This is what it would look like on a wall …

This blue hare is also pretty big and is framed.  Please contact me for the price if you would like to adopt him.

This last hare is also framed, it is a smaller size but I love the spontaneity of the colours.  Please contact me for pricing information.

hare room design


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