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Something thoughtful …

There’s no doubt that we are in troubling times, yet people are becoming more thoughtful and considerate.  We miss the people we care most about and can’t visit them due to new restrictions.

I remember when we had the economic crash ten years ago, when things got really tough, people became kinder and more thoughtful.  I suppose what I’d like to say is be safe and look after yourself and those close to you, and maybe use the time to slow down and get in touch with people again.  This could be sending a card or giving them a call.

Maya Angelou said that every storm eventually runs out of rain.  I like this saying, although I’m not sure if it can be applied to the weather in Galway!

There’s an Irish word that I love, ‘misneach’.  It means courage of spirit.  I wish you misneach and peace of mind.


March 2020


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Mammy Cards have a new addition

I’ve just added a little texture to my latest Mammy cards.  This one has a funny story behind it.  I sent a preprint copy to my daughter, Dara, saying “what do you think?  I used part of your jumper for this”.  The reply I got was “OMG! WHAT JUMPER?!!” I thought it was too small but still, there’s only a small part of it missing …

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Save the World

I’ve just added more animals to my ‘Save the World’ range of greeting cards. Piglet, Donkey and the Elephant. I’m passionate about this range and its underlying message about saving the planet and awareness of the animals who will also be impacted yet have no voice.

These greeting cards come with an eco friendly brown craft envelope. Here is Zebra and Orangutan.

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New ‘Save the World’ Collection

I’m currently working on my new ‘Save the World’ Collection of images.  So far, I have this lovely Panda as well as a whale and a penguin.  The originals are hand drawn and painted in watercolour.  I’m hoping to find a wildlife charity that I can donate part of the proceeds to – still waiting to hear back from the World Wildlife Foundation.

I hope you like them … more to follow.



panda by catherine dunne, save the world collectionN

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Illustrated Christmas Cards from ‘The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World’

A full range of Christmas cards featuring the characters from Catherine’s children’s book ‘The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World‘ is now available.  Milo, the lovely seal and Santa are now appearing on greeting cards.

A gift pack of the Christmas book along with four of the featured Christmas cards can now be purchased for €20.  The book is great fun and has an underlying theme of protecting our environment and reducing plastic.  The perfect Christmas gift for small children.  For more information, click here.

Christmas Reindeer Book and Christmas Cards

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The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World

This is the story of a magic reindeer named Milo, who saves the world from plastic.  Milo asks Santa to help tell the world about the plastic in our seas.   This is a lovely story for small children all about Santa, his elves, local mermaids and Milo.

This story is fun and lighthearted but also has a very relevant message.  The time has come to change our thinking about plastic.  We are passing on this world to our children.  It’s time for us all to pull together.

The inspiration for Milo the reindeer came from the true story of a wooden reindeer who went missing over Christmas from Kinvara in 2016 and was found in a field in Kinvara a week later, following a nationwide appeal.

The Christmas Reindeer who saved the world