Something thoughtful …

irish mammy card

There’s no doubt that we are in troubling times, yet people are becoming more thoughtful and considerate.  We miss the people we care most about and can’t visit them due to new restrictions. I remember when we had the economic crash ten years ago, when things got really tough, people became kinder and more thoughtful. […]

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Mammy Cards have a new addition

irish mammy card by catherine dunne

I’ve just added a little texture to my latest Mammy cards.  This one has a funny story behind it.  I sent a preprint copy to my daughter, Dara, saying “what do you think?  I used part of your jumper for this”.  The reply I got was “OMG! WHAT JUMPER?!!” I thought it was too small […]

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The Irish Mammy Cards

I’m really excited about this new range of greeting cards.  They were great fun to create and I love their simplicity.  A full range is in the making and will be online before the end of this week.  I hope you enjoy them!

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