Something thoughtful …

irish mammy card

There’s no doubt that we are in troubling times, yet people are becoming more thoughtful and considerate.  We miss the people we care most about and can’t visit them due to new restrictions. I remember when we had the economic crash ten years ago, when things got really tough, people became kinder and more thoughtful. […]

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Mammy Cards have a new addition

irish mammy card by catherine dunne

I’ve just added a little texture to my latest Mammy cards.  This one has a funny story behind it.  I sent a preprint copy to my daughter, Dara, saying “what do you think?  I used part of your jumper for this”.  The reply I got was “OMG! WHAT JUMPER?!!” I thought it was too small […]

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Fabulous Frog makes the headlines

Fabulous Frog made headlines this week in the Connaught Tribune.  I’m delighted with this article, which captures the essence of my work these days.  Thank you to Judy Murphy for taking the time to compile this wonderful piece. Click here for a link to the article

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Save the World

save the world cards by catherine dunne

I’ve just added more animals to my ‘Save the World’ range of greeting cards. Piglet, Donkey and the Elephant. I’m passionate about this range and its underlying message about saving the planet and awareness of the animals who will also be impacted yet have no voice. These greeting cards come with an eco friendly, recycled […]

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New ‘Save the World’ Collection

I’m currently working on my new ‘Save the World’ Collection of images.  So far, I have this lovely Panda as well as a whale and a penguin.  The originals are hand drawn and painted in watercolour.  I’m hoping to find a wildlife charity that I can donate part of the proceeds to – still waiting […]

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The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World

This is the story of a magic reindeer named Milo, who saves the world from plastic.  Milo asks Santa to help tell the world about the plastic in our seas.   This is a lovely story for small children all about Santa, his elves, local mermaids and Milo. This story is fun and lighthearted but […]

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