Shopping Locally

It’s interesting how things have changed in such a short amount of time.  On a personal level, I find that I am less inclined to go shopping as often and tend to shop in smaller, local shops.  It’s a really important time to support local businesses now so I’m making an extra effort to shop locally.

Apart from the comfort of not going into a large department store with lots of other people, I love the personal experience of a smaller shop and how business owners appreciate your custom, especially now when they face so many challenges.

In addition to this, I find that smaller shops tend to buy Irish and support local businesses and suppliers.  This is good news for local artists and craftspeople as well as all of the other small Irish suppliers.  This will help ensure that local shops are still there when things get back to some kind of normality.  Of course there’s a feel good element to this too as you haven’t spent ages in traffic, you have a nice chat, catch up on what’s going on and come home with something nice.

Shop local – it’s your only man!

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