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The inspiration behind it all …

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I love Ireland.  I always have.  Ireland is beautiful, the people are gentle, kind and full of wit.   Even though it rains a lot, particularly in the west, it gives you a chance to take it easy and take your time … tóg go bog é … take it softly.  That peace and those moments are what I aim to capture in my photographs.

My Mammy Collection is inspired by Irish women, the Irish Mammies with their unique sayings, telling it as it is and their softness and kindness.

Feeling the love!

I love that my cards are handwritten and sent from one person to another.  I feel that there is nothing as nice as a handwritten card, especially these days when everything has become so immediate with texts and emails.  A handwritten card arriving through the letterbox is more than paper, it’s a thought, something that shows that somebody took the time to sit down and write to you.  That’s what I love.

The greeting cards are printed on FSC certified paper.  This means that forests are sustained and trees are replanted.  All cards are blank inside for your message and come with an environmentally friendly, recycled, brown Kraft envelope.  They come unwrapped as I cannot justify wrapping them in single use plastic.

All cards, prints and children’s books are made in Ireland.

I hope you enjoy them.

A passion for the environment

Like many of us, I have become very aware of our changing environment and this is influencing my work more and more.    All of my work has an underlying theme of appreciating and protecting the world around us.

This short video is about the inspiration behind my children’s books and ‘save the world’ range of greeting cards.  Thank you to Max Barry and Dara Fine for putting it together.

About the brand (and the love)

The Irish hare is known for being wild, spontaneous and lucky.  The hare is holding a heart which symbolises (dare I say it) … Love.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.


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