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There’s nothing better than reading a book to small children, especially if that book is engaging and encourages a love of nature.

I grew up very much aware of nature.  My late father, Richard Dunne, was an entomologist (insect scientist).  He taught me about the world of insects and gave me an appreciation of the natural world around us.  Sometimes he would bring home unusual insects, there was a time when we shared our living room with an Egyptian grasshopper – almost the size of a small bird – that would leap unexpectedly across the room while we watched TV.  There was another incident when a large tub of Vine Weevil escaped and we were still finding them around the house weeks later.

This has inspired me to write two of my children’s books on insects.  They are quirky stories yet they are full of facts.  Did you know that Daddylonglegs were here before the dinosaurs? Or that a spider can find a boyfriend with her hairy legs!  Fabulous Frog and the Insect Stories is my most recent book and is full of unusual facts to liven up story time.

I have also written and illustrated ‘The Elephant Tree’.  This story is about an elephant who wants to fly and eventually succeeds, it is also the story of a small bird who is afraid to fly but is inspired by the elephant …. I won’t spoil the ending for you!

Children's Books by Catherine Dunne

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The books are perfect for young children.  The illustrations are simple, and seem to engage little story lovers.  If you would like more information on any of my books, please get in touch.

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