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Valentine - If I was a cabbage ...

Be mine, Valentine

Valentine - If I was a cabbage ...

Years ago, for Valentine’s Day, myself and my friends would buy a Valentine card for that special someone and fill it with Valentine verses.  We would write them in our most anonymous writing so there was an element of mystery to it.  Then we would get up really early – before dawn – and deliver the cards by posting them directly into our chosen one’s letterbox!  There was the added thrill of the risk of being caught or found out and the Valentine verses were just great.

This is the first year that I have designed Valentine cards and I decided to include some of the long forgotten verses.  Some of them weren’t a bit suitable and some were downright insulting – like this one:

You think you look like Elvis
You think you talk like him too
But when it comes to kissing
You taste like Irish Stew!

The one I liked the best is the one featured here …

If I was a cabbage
I’d divide myself in two
The leaves I’d give to others
The heart I’d give to you.

I hope you enjoy these Valentine cards, if you have more verses I’d love to hear from you.

Go on, spread the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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