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The Christmas Reindeer who saved the world

The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World


The Elephant Tree – new 2020 version

The Elephant Tree by Cathy Dunne 2020

Fabulous Frog and the Insect Stories


Fabulous Frog is hungry and wants to eat insects, worms and spiders.  Every creature tells their story to Fabulous Frog and he decides if he will eat them or not.  A wonderful story full of interesting facts, giving children an insight into the world of insects, worms and spiders in a lighthearted way.

Cathy Dunne is the daughter of an entomologist (insect scientist) and grew up living with different kinds of insects including an Egyptian grasshopper.  She inherited her father’s love of nature and her mother’s love of art.

All of Cathy Dunne’s books have an underlying theme that reflects her love of nature and her belief in protecting our planet and all of its creatures.

Full colour, illustrated children’s books, 210 mm x 210 mm, beautiful finish.


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