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irish mammy card

Something thoughtful …

irish mammy card

There’s no doubt that we are in troubling times, yet people are becoming more thoughtful and considerate.  We miss the people we care most about and can’t visit them due to new restrictions.

I remember when we had the economic crash ten years ago, when things got really tough, people became kinder and more thoughtful.  I suppose what I’d like to say is be safe and look after yourself and those close to you, and maybe use the time to slow down and get in touch with people again.  This could be sending a card or giving them a call.

Maya Angelou said that every storm eventually runs out of rain.  I like this saying, although I’m not sure if it can be applied to the weather in Galway!

There’s an Irish word that I love, ‘misneach’.  It means courage of spirit.  I wish you misneach and peace of mind.


March 2020


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