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The Elephant Tree by Cathy Dunne 2020

The Elephant Tree – 2020 Version

The Elephant Tree by Cathy Dunne 2020

I’m so excited as this new, revised edition of the Elephant Tree has just gone to print.  This book has had a total makeover with an improved story and it is now filled with my hand drawn watercolour drawings.  It’s a lovely story about Miguel the Elephant who wants to fly and Ari, a little bird, who is afraid to fly.

The Elephant Tree by Cathy Dunne 2020

I got the original idea from a sculpture by Miguel Barcelo that was in the gardens of the Irish Museum of Modern Art.  I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Barcelo at the time and was very taken with him and his explanation of why he created the sculpture of the elephant standing on its trunk.  He told me that the trunk of the elephant became the trunk of the tree.

One thought led to another and the first, and very traumatic, version of the Elephant Tree was born!  I am happy to say that I have totally revised the story and the illustrations and this version is perfect for young children.  It touches on the circle of life and may help children with bereavement.

Now I just have to wait until it arrives from the printer!  You can pre-order your own copy now.

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