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you're getting a haircut

You’re getting a haircut!

you're getting a haircut

If you’re waiting for a hair appointment and, like me, if you had a go at own your hair over lockdown, then this is the card for you!

I watched an online video late one night about one month ago and as a result, ended up with my little curved nail scissors in pretty poor lighting, cutting my hair.  It was more than the fringe this time, I went for it! The sides, the layers, the fringe … I had such a feeling of dread when I woke up the next morning but it wasn’t so bad.  Let’s just say I blended in with everyone else who’d had a go at cutting their own hair too!

This Irish made greeting card is part of the Mammy Collection which also features a large range of Irish birthday cards, sympathy cards and thank you cards as well as Irish language cards.

Wishing you a great haircut – you won’t know yourself!

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