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fabulous frog and the bumblebee and me

Fabulous Frog and the Bumblebee (and me)


The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World

The Christmas Reindeer who saved the world

The Kinvara Reindeer that Saved Christmas


An Irish Christmas story about the adventures of a reindeer and his trip to the North Pole.

Based on the true story of the wooden reindeer that went missing from Kinvara in 2016 and was returned following a nationwide appeal.  The book features my hand drawn illustrations are are perfect for small children to draw! It’s a lovely Christmas story and perfect for small children aged 2-6.  The wooden reindeer are on the pier in Kinvara every Christmas so children can check and see if Milo the reindeer is there or if he is off visiting Santa!

This book was written and illustrated by Catherine Dunne.  It is premium quality and is made in Ireland.

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