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The Kinvara Reindeer that Saved Christmas


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The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World


Milo the Kinvara reindeer saves the world in this lovely Christmas book for children.  Inspired by true events in Kinvara, County Galway, when the wooden reindeer went missing from the pier before Christmas and returned after Christmas following a nationwide appeal (word has it, he was in the North Pole helping Santa that Christmas!)

The Christmas Reindeer who saved the World is a book about Milo the reindeer who helps to save the world from plastic. When he is washed out to sea (it’s OK – reindeers can swim), Milo is helped by mermaids and sees that there is a lot of plastic in the ocean.  When he is rescued by Santa and the reindeers, Milo tells Santa about the plastic and Santa writes to the children all around the world to get involved.  The children take charge and together with the adults, they clean up the beaches and eventually the sea, from plastic.

A lighthearted book with a message about the environment in a lighthearted yet empowering way.  A story for our times, this book is perfect for small children aged 2-6.

Written and illustrated by Catherine Dunne.

Size 210mm x 210mm

Imagined and printed in Ireland.

Copyright Catherine Dunne 2023

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